1. Get to know the actual impacts of climate change in Portugal in the first hand.

You already know climate change is happening, but do you know its real impacts in Portugal? Come to understand the desertification state in the country, particularly in the central area, from fires to drought and lack of water, which causes environmental degradation and social challenges for the territory. Come and learn about the practices of industries that accelerate these processes – pulp that provokes fires, intensive agriculture that leads to drought, among others!

2. Build a people’s movement.

Come to talk with and build the bridges between the most affected communities by the climate crisis. At each of the 15 stops, we will have spaces for dialogue and cooperation to initiate ideas and connect actions that could continue after these 2 weeks of the Caravan. We will have “cirandas”, debates and training to understand the systemic roots of the climate crisis. Come to build a movement in Portugal that faces the system of destruction by building the history from our own hands.

3. Denounce what is responsible for this climate crisis.

Along the way, we will get to know and denounce several of the main infrastructures that are responsible for the climate and environmental crisis in Portugal – paper mills, cement plants, gas power plants, dams and other destructive projects. We also want to analyze and reveal the irresponsibility, impunity, manipulation and greed of the way of production within the capitalist system that is responsible for the degradation of the ecological cycles that sustain life and are sustained by it.

4. Map existing solutions and participate in the collective creation of the new pathways.

What just transition – for workers, local community and society – can take place in the infrastructure that we come across along the route? How are we going to stop the climate crisis and change the course of the history without reproducing and worsening the injustice that are happening in the infrastructure and local community? During these 2 weeks, we will challenge ourselves and local community to look for answers. The knowledge we have today about the causes of the climate crisis together with the local knowledge and experiences will move us towards a new vision of the world that is more realistic and optimistic. A view that is based on solidarity, knowledge, information, justice and practices will allow us to evaluate and implement the solutions that we have as well as finding other new and better solutions.

5. Participate in the planning and organization of the caravan.

Did you know that the planning and organization of the caravan is a collective process between more than 30 organizations and all the participants? Do you have any ideas of what we can do during the caravan? Do you want to join one of the working groups? Sign up now to be able to have a voice and contribute to the organization and construction of this caravan.

6. Make it easier for the logistics team to prepare everything!

Completing the form in the next 10 minutes instead of a week from now will have a big impact on the team organizing the logistics! Help us to have as much information as possible in advance, so that we can guarantee better conditions for everyone in these 2 weeks.

7. Do not miss the opportunity to actively participate in this social and historical transformation.

We know you have your life and your responsibilities. We understand that stopping for 2 weeks to join a caravan might seem crazy. The problem is that the current reality is crazy. The ordinary lives of thousands of people are coming to a halt due to the climate crisis. Yours, if not, will be soon. It is urgent to change the course of history. We need to break with the habit, create spaces of convergence, walk side by side. The caravan for climate justice is a time and space for social and historical transformation that helps change the course of society. We need you to join us to make this possible.

8. Meet, socialize and make friend with many other people who want to fight for climate justice like you.

We will have several moments of conviviality and animation! Come meet other people who, like you, are restless. Come talk to people who want to face reality head on and fight for a more dignified society. Whether you come on your own, with friends, family or furry animals, you will find many other people who, just like you, want to fight for the future and for climate justice.

9. Fight for a just transition toward 100% renewable energy – the anti-war plan we urgently need.

Dismantling the fossil industry means fighting for peace and an end to the violence caused by countless armed conflicts, giving way to a just society that puts life at the center and manages to safeguard the planet. The climate crisis is not an environmental issue. It is a matter of how societies and economies are organized at the global level at the moment. Action for climate justice is inseparable from the social and political crises we are going through.

10. Participate in the challenges that we are facing!

Which (and how)? Sign up and find out ! 😉

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