Find out what happened through the words of those who were there, and upcoming events.

Between the 2nd and the 16th of April, more than 120 people participated in the Caravan for Climate Justice! Along 400 km, the caravan passed through the localities in the central part of the Portugal most affected by desertification – from fires to drought and lack of water – connecting with those who live there.

Along the way, the practices and industries that accelerate the climate crisis, alongside the responsible companies that put profit above people were highlighted: Navigator, Celbi, Caima and Celtejo from the Altri Group, CIMPOR, “travessão do Pego”, as well as several dams, the EDP’s thermoelectric power plant, and the TrustEnergy’s Combined Cycle power plant in Pego.

Find out what happened each day, told by those who were there

There is a lot to do in this drought-stricken year, which threatens new waves of fires.

We return home more united, stronger and prepared to stop those responsible for the climate crisis and to build together a society that puts life at its centre.

More than 30 organizations and dozens of people organized the Climate Justice Caravan. Find out more about this great action at

Next Steps

19th of April | Introductory Meeting

We only have a few years left to stop the climate chaos. Yet, political, economic and social institutions continue to act as if there is no climate crisis. If we ever thought that governments and/or multinationals could solve this crisis, we now know that they have failed us. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Join us! On Tuesday, the 19th of April, at 18:00, please show up at CIDAC (Tomás Ribeiro Street, 3-9, Picoas, Lisbon) and bring your anger.

23rd of April | Online National Introductory Meeting

Not in Lisbon but want to get involved in the climate justice movement? Find out how HERE

23rd of April | Benefit Party: Adventures of the Great Climate Justice Caravan at dinner + DJ Gingaí

Show up at Sirigaita at 19h00 to listen and tell the funniest and most inspiring moments and the biggest challenges of the Climate Justice Caravan. Come to listen, share, help us cover the costs, dine, and dance with us!

30th of April | Climate Activism Workshop (Lisbon)

Only a solid and broad grassroots movement will be able to stop the collapse and build climate justice.

We invite you to get involved in the climate justice movement through our Climate activism training.
We will explain the scientific facts and the systemic causes that are the origin of this crisis. We will talk about the energy and climate policies currently in place and the existing movements for climate justice. We will address the various strategies of struggle and how we should organize ourselves to win. We will present the climate justice movement’s plans for the coming months and how you can get involved in them.

More information and registration HERE

End Fossil Occupy

Next semester schools and universities in Lisbon will be occupied by the end of fossil fuels! Find out more here.

If you are a college or high school student and you want to join the preparations for these occupations, show up on April 23rd at 3pm at José Fontana square (Picoas).
If you are interested in organizing occupations in your school/university, contact

Acampamento 1.5

The climate crisis has arrived. And it is the most exploited communities who suffer its impacts the most.
Get involved and participate in the next big action from Climáximo: come camping in Melides, on the Alentejo coast, from the 6th to the 10th of July, and take action!

Find out more about this camping in action HERE

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